What does rhinoplasty surgery involve?

Patients undergo the operation with general anaesthesia which means that they are asleep and are unaware of the procedure and do not feel any pain. Rhinoplasty surgery may be undertaken through cuts made within the nose. However, in those but the most simple procedures, Dr. Michael favours an approach termed open-structured rhinoplasty which involves a small incision on the under surface of the nose. The scar from this generally fades very well and is usually imperceptible in the subsequent years. The operation is then performed to correct and stabilise the bony and cartilaginous framework of the nose. As the nose is comprised of multiple elements,  rhinoplasty surgery is in fact a collection of multiple separate procedures to address any deformities.

Additional procedures may be needed and include straightening or reconstructing the nasal septum or reducing the size of the nasal turbinates. When further support to the nose is considered, grafts may be required. These are typically taken from the nasal septum but if this site is insufficient, grafts may need to be taken from the ear or rib cartilage. The exact parts of the operation will be discussed with you during your consultation. 

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